The Greening of Man

"We need to be the change we wish to see in the world"
Mahatma Gandhi

With love and thanks to all the amazingly generous people who gave so willingly
for this book to be created.

What an incredible gift you have given the world.

Blessed be.

Gary Anderson
Gary was born, and grew up in Ayrshire on the West coast of Scotland. He now lives on an estate in South Ayrshire with his partner, granny, dogs, cats and hens. On leaving his previous career as a children’s nurse Gary worked for over ten years supporting others towards achieving their life goals, rediscovering their confidence, mastering their motivation, being creatively confident and enjoying the lives they truly deserve.

Gary’s paintings very simply reflect his love of - and strong sense of kinship with - nature. They reflect the little moments of everyday magick that nature shares when you least expect it.

Chris Bell
As my work has meandered through the vibrant threads of life, it has woven itself into a delightful tapestry of Celtic and Medieval legend, Pagan folklore, Gothic romanticism and Fantasy. I work with subjects that move and inspire me, those concepts that excite and delight. So while Medieval Knights leap from my pages, their swords held high from castle battlements, elsewhere wizards will cast their magical spells for the good of all.

Inspired by Arthurian tales, by the magic of Tolkien, Robert Holdstock and Mervyn Peake I found my creative hand within the folds of the atmospheric, fantastical, mythical and magical. Discovering the wonderful artwork of Arthur Rackman and The Pre Rapaelites, and later, Alan Lee and Brian Froud, I fell in love with pictures that tell the whole or part of a story.

In my work I try to take these elements from a tale and present them to the viewer in my own style. I have worked as a ceramic decorator for Royal Doulton and the Moorcroft pottery. Currently I do a little work for Stoke Museums.

Steve Bewers/Greenman
There is a wood, in a fold in the Chiltern Hills where my soul was forged. How many places do you know where the trees talk, where the leaves whisper and the occasional raindrops of memory wash away the mundane world? I spent an idyllic childhood in that place. I knew the spirits of that wood and I carry them with me still. It is to them I turn and from them that my writing flows.

I am a lens, for their energy, a mouth for their voices. Occasionally I get it right. I offer you their messages. Blessed be.

Rose Blakeley
I have always had a very lively imagination, which has drawn me into the many realms of fantasy as a writer and artist. It is my writing that leads me with the greatest strength, and as the words manifest they entice me into another world where I become infused with the essence of their meaning. That place has never deserted me and although the route to its source is endless, it is very often the exquisite magic of nature that takes me there first.

Brian Boothby
Brian’s creativity, welling from a profound connection with nature, finds many diverse outlets. The Love for Life lyric comes from his CD Honour, to be found on, along with an extensive array of other songwriting, craft, writing, photography and music.

Brian has been nurtured and enthralled by Welsh and English countryside since early childhood, both rediscovering an innate sense of being at home in the natural world , and developing a keen interest in environmental politics. He now lives in Derbyshire with author and artist Glennie Kindred.

Mick Bovee
Although I appear to be a thing of wonder to humankind, I am really far older and scarier than anyone would imagine and the truth would be impossible for mortals to bear!

Mia Bradbury
Having always felt a strong connection to nature and mythical legends of our ancient past, Mia grew up searching out the special places, feeing most at home in ancient woodlands and stone circles. She takes her inspiration from the natural world, mythology and the awe inspiring presence of the sky. The pull of the moon, the rise and fall of the seasons, and the turning of the stars. Her art is a way of connecting with the magic that is all around us and within us.

David Bradshaw
David is the creator of beautiful, organic flowing wooden sculptural pieces and well as unique jewellery incorporating wood, silver and semi-precious stones that weave finely detailed pictures drawn from the natural world. David lives in harmony with the Earth, living within the arms of a beautiful woodland in the Tamar Valley, Cornwall. He is connected to the natural world, immersed in it and a part of it. His heart beats with its sacred rhythm. David is constantly inspired by the landscape both within and without.

Octavia Cheetham
Growing up and living so close to nature, I have nurtured a life-long fascination with nature spirits and the faery realm and I am often overwhelmed by the huge flow of positive emotion and healing that comes from a work once completed. I’ve always looked for a way to express my spiritual side. Now, whenever I'm not busy designing tattoos and website graphics for my clients, my business "Lunarian Art" gives me the chance to indulge my calling to incorporate crystals, and chakras and the fae into my own art.

Damh the Bard
Damh is a modern-day Bard whose spirituality, and love of folk tradition, is expressed through his music, storytelling and poetry. Drawing on the Bardic traditions his performances are both entertaining and educational, weaving a tapestry of myth, peace, and anthems that speak directly to the heart, but never without a good splash of humour.

Chas Alexander aka CK was for many year a Creative Director working within the advertising industry. He also spent many years travelling the world, staying in remote areas with the native peoples and leant how to survive in some of the most hostile places on earth and at the same time gained an understanding of how the indigenous people connect to their world. More recently after a break of nearly 20 years he took up painting again and now illustrates mainly for the pagan market. His work covers mythological characters such as the Phoenix, Unicorns and Dragons as well as the Greenman and The Goddess.

Amanda Clark
As a little girl, I was surrounded by a place of creativity and colour and would dwell in my own inner visions of fairytales. Always in a constant flow of creativity, imagination and painting. The inspiring visions have always been with me to this day, creating in my world the love of folklore, myth and legend.

Art for me is a magic potion, a natural remedy to bring us back to harmony, a transformational tool and a way of being. I feel it frees the soul for it’s higher purpose to bring peace, love and joy to this world. We then become the creators of our lives and have the power to transform everything around us and connect with our beautiful home, Mother Earth.

Claire Dean
A weaver of words, silversmith and photographer Claire has an extraordinary talent for tapping into the very essence of the natural world. Her work is both grounding and profoundly inspirational, with each creative piece leading us on a sacred journey illuminated by the Divine. Find her

Val Ghose
Val lives in a peaceful Dorset village amongst the bedlam of family, an assortment of chickens, happy pigs and a tatty old sheep called Timothy. In addition to felt-making, her passions are hares; Japanese temple gardens of Kyoto; labyrinths; the island of Iona; swimming with wild dolphins; Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh; Chalice Well and its gardens; t’ai chi; the seasonal festivals of the Celts; bells; Isis and the temples of the Nile; but most of all the Earth herself showing us the fact of inter-being.

Susi Goose
An artist, poet, tattooist - both ritual and professional, and a novice beekeeper, I live on the edge of east London and Essex. My greatest love is the wild land and its ever changing faces. I am blessed to have my soulmate Shades, and my network of sisters with me on my journey.
Bright Blessings.

Sophy Holden
I am a writer/photographer living in West Sussex. An affinity with nature and love of the land, rich with all its folklore and history, has always driven me creatively, and within my photos I hope to have captured some of the beauty and magic of another world we often don’t take the time to notice, or truly appreciate.

Anne Kingston
Since childhood I have felt a strong earth connection, I was one of those little girls that was always squeezing mud inbetween my fingers and never keeping my shoes on, preferring to run barefoot everywhere (and still do). My parents loved the natural world and it is through their knowledge and shared feelings that I have always embrace nature’s gift - whether squidging a piece of seaweed on the shore or poking my finger into an acorn cap – it is a constant and fulfilling fascination and well as a source of healing for my body and soul. Taking images of the natural world has enhanced that fascination especially when I started using a macro lens and was able to see a whole new world close up, it fills my heart with joy to see the intricate centre of a flower or the complex structure of fungi formations and I particularly like capturing moments that express feeling so that the viewer can share the moment with me of a time they spent enjoying the beauty of nature.

Sam Lauren-Smith
I am inspired by our beautiful countryside and the wildlife within it. Our garden’s trees and birds provide infinite inspiration, and I have swapped colour and brush for black ink and pen to tell their stories. Hear them at

Rev J Littlewood
The Reverend John Littlewood has a science background with a degree in physics, is an ordained Anglican priest and a past university lecturer in counselling. He has also been a Diocesan Exorcist, is a psychic and a therapeutic counsellor. He runs a charity and counselling agency in Cornwall, UK. You can find out more about him by visiting His book "The Way – A Celtic Qabalah" can be purchased via any good bookshop or through Amazon UK.

Victoria Macleod
I live in the beautiful Cornish landscape , with my loving husband and vibrant daughters.My artwork is inspired by the wonderful world in which we live, the ancient tales and hidden knowledge whispered on the winds, there are no secrets to one who would listen. Flowing with and embracing the driving forces of nature that surround us, I love to use colour, bold and bright like my girls!, it gives richness to life and depth to the soul.

Faith Wolfheart Nolton
I record my soul journeys in words and pictures. It is the greatest honour to do this work with my helper spirits. I also act as guide for others exploring the making of sacred and blessing art. We are all connected.

Poppy Palin
Poppy is the author of nine previous published books and a contributor to two others. These include the Waking the Wild Spirit Tarot (Llewellyn 2001) Craft of the Wild Witch (Llewellyn 2004) Spiritwalking (O-Books 2006) and Wild Spirituality (2012). Poppy has been a professional tattoo artist, a teacher of English and Head of Art in a London school. She’s an illustrator who’s worked for magazines and illustrated two of Rae Beth’s successful Hedge Witch series. She’s also an artist, soul-poet and singer whose life is devoted to the wild-spirited way: an imaginative, individualistic approach to expressing our innate – and utterly untamed – spiritual impulse. Her next project’s are the second edition of The Greening (edited and improved) and her brand new Everyday Tarot deck/book set.  or contact her via email

Lauren Raine
Lauren Raine MFA has made “mythic masks for mythic minds” for over 30 years, at Renaissance Faires, for theatre, and Mardi Gras. In the 90’s she studied mask traditions in Bali with Ida Bagus Anom and others in the 90’s, and inspired by her experiences, in 1998 created 35 multi-cultural "Masks of the Goddess" (1998-2008) as contemporary sacred masks devoted to the Divine Feminine. The collection traveled throughout the U.S., used by many communities to celebrate worldwide mythologies of the Goddess through dance and ritual.

James Sexton
I grew up surrounded by the mystery and intrigue of the countryside, in a time when it felt quite natural to be in the woods all day, so I developed, at a very early age, a deep love of all things connected with nature. And then, somehow, when I was about eight, I acquired a small plastic camera and began taking photos, an activity which, over the years, developed (excuse the pun) into a passion for photography. What better use could I put it to than to use the ever changing countryside as my studio and the dappled light of the woodlands as my inspiration in honouring the magnificence of the natural world.

Paul Sivell
I am a self-taught wood sculptor. My most common working media are condemned, dead or dying trees, particularly those that are gnarled, twisted or misshapen and have no economic value. Although my working methods are noisy and fuel consuming, I consider myself to be an environmental artist as I create my art by recycling trees that would often otherwise end up in landfill. The majority of my work is site specific with themes that are inspired by nature, local traditions and mythology. My career background is in forestry, arboriculture and countryside management, but I started experimenting with wood sculpture about 30 years ago. However, it wasn’t until 15 years ago that I made my first public sculptures. The demand for my work has increased steadily since this time with both public and private commissions. I have worked throughout the UK, with the exception of Northern Ireland, and I have also undertaken commissions in Europe, America and Southern Turkey. I became a full time sculptor in January 2003. I work mostly in wood, but occasionally in metal, rarely in other media. Here is a small example of some of my recent work.

John Taylor
After retiring to the Tamar Valley it took quite a while to accept that things really can wait until tomorrow! Now I feel privileged to live in such a beautiful and unspoilt part of the country and have spent many a happy day wandering the South West countryside at dawn, or dusk, waiting for the moment to take photographs in that very special “golden hour” light. I attempt to capture scenes as naturalistically as possible, trying to recreate what the eye ‘sees’. And I was delighted to be voted "Photographer of the Year" by Cornwall Today in 2010 for my image captured at the Strangles on the North Cornwall coast at sunset.

John Thompson
John is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and comedy performer. Along with Nicole Murray as the duo cloudstreet, he tours internationally and around Australia. Together, they have recorded 7 albums, their latest being the 2012 release, The Land Of Bright Gold.

John has taught singing workshops around the world, at festivals in the UK, Australia and NZ, at Maddy Prior’s Stones Barn (UK), and continues to be a singing tutor at the influential Australian summer school, Music Under the Southern Cross, sharing his empowering and joyous approach to vocal performance, as well as being co-director of Brisbane’s Morningsong Choir.

A past-president of Folk Alliance Australia, John is the Co-ordinator of the Maleny Celtic Winter School and the Brisbane Folk History Project. John plays guitar, whistle and English concertinas.

I have been truly blessed to have the position of Head of Art and Artist in Residence at a wonderful school nestled in the shires. I work alongside young men aged 11 to 16, who share between them a wide range of emotional, behavioural and social difficulties, though, it would be perhaps more accurate to say that it is they who teach me.

My role within this community includes theraputic art and spirituality through art as well as ‘sessions’ for individuals who are in crisis. Outside of school hours, I quietly run small groups and arty workshops as well as offer my services as a channnel and it is this ‘gift from source’ that informs both my group work and art.

Sarah Turpin
Sarah has loved witches since early childhood, enchanted by the drawings and silhouettes of Arthur Rackham and Jan Pienkowski. Later she turned creatively to this subject, along with wizards and dragons, and began to paint them in watercolour. She now uses a variety of techniques to express herself, from print-making, paper-cut silhouettes and collage; figurative and shamanic animalistic paintings in oils, to drum bags made from vintage fabric and embroidery. Sarah says ‘I am inspired by folk stories and faery tales, dreams, nature, spirit, ancient landscapes and beautiful words, I write poems as part of my creative process. My travels across flame-coloured deserts in America, frozen lakes in Arctic Sweden and the wild islands of the Outer Hebrides also greatly influence my work.’

Margaret Walty
Nature and fantasy intertwine in my work. My flower and animal paintings are infused with nature’s colours and glorious detail, and my fantasy paintings are rooted in the natural world where hares dance at twilight and trees have character and come to life out of the corner of the eye; and my dragons, on wings as structured as a butterfly’s, can truly fly.

Wendy Winstanley
I grew up with animals and I had ‘a way’ with them that meant they were always being brought to me for help. With many I succeeded but mums garden was full of little lolly stick crosses for those who I couldn’t help. I had a bit of a reputation when I was young, still have, and even the local police officer would hide when he saw me, as I was always taking him stray dogs.

I worked for the RSPCA and trained as a Veterinary nurse before taking to zoo life and caring for many exotic species.

I have always had an affinity with owls, learning to fly them about 30 years ago and I am a vehement champion of our glorious indigenous Wildlife.

Dave Zak
As co-founder of Slippery Jacks, Dave works quietly and tirelessly in support of other people helping them achieve their dreams. Dave has a passion for experimental cooking, preserving, brewing and cheese-making combined with a deep love and respect for nature. His unwavering commitment to protecting the environment and to work for the future we want to see allows him to see a bright and glorious future, if we only chose to make it happen.

Sharon Zak
I am a writer, witch, healer, catalyst, counsellor and spiritual guide. I grew up with a powerful Earth-focused spirituality and I remain deeply connected to the land. I follow Druidic teachings as well as the ancient guidance I am gifted. I reach out heart-to-heart for I am in service and part of that service is to help forge the connections we so badly need. I co-founded Slippery Jacks with my wonderful husband Dave and our aim is to make spiritual work available with an ethos of non-exploitation.

With thanks also to Chris Walton and The Company of the Green Man, David Mahon and Martin Jakes for Dad’s camp and Gay Bogies Julia and Bob.