The Greening of Man

"We need to be the change we wish to see in the world"
Mahatma Gandhi

"Wanted to share with you how beautiful a book this is - the words and images speak to me at 31 as if they are the gentle yet firm hand of the generations on my shoulder. I am eternally grateful for having it, and I too will become green."

"Woe is me....for I lack the words to honour you and all who created The Greening of Man, the book, the GreenMan "Bible", the guide to the future, the book I have been dreaming of for years and never expected to see...all this and more, my lass. I have looked at every page and at every page I was taken in, enchanted, informed, aroused (Yes--PAN!!!), eye and soul and mind given comfort and nourishment. This is not just a book--this is the Greenman brought to all who seek him and for those who were seeking him, but did not know they did. Sharon, Muse, Lass, Goddess, Witch, Druid--you have done more for bringing the Greenman to us than any, any other book, song, video than I can say. And I have read and heard and seen my share... A book that needs to be in every library, on every altar, in every circle and grove and in the front window of every bookstore. Okay, so maybe I did find a few words, but not the ones that so truly say what you have given out of love, passion, hope and dancing in moonlight. "

"A beautiful and intoxicating celebration of our true spirituality."

"Oh my!! You were right - it is a beautiful beautiful book. A wondrous collection of images, words and inspiration. Absolutely gorgeous. Beyond words....."

This book is a veritable feast of creativity focusing on the essence of the Greenman, our connection to the land and the passion that drives us to live within glorious spiritual 'Greening' that is with us today.

This book is a journey for the soul, an uplifting and shining collection of stunning artwork, photography, poetry and prose, blessings, meditations and personal stories. Much of this work has been gifted by the green-spirited souls who have come to know Slippery Jacks. It is their gift to you.

In this book we remember who we are; what connects us to each other and to this precious land. We pay tribute to the Greenman in all his guises.

Live with great joy and step lightly on your own unique Green Path.

"Thanks for sending the copy of The Greening Of Man, it's beautiful! I didn't really know what I expected but it is more beautiful than what ever it was I thought it might be! It is an honour to be included amongst such talented people!"

"It's so beautiful .. really moving .. I love it really love it...and .... 2 more of my poems in it! Thank you :) I love your work very much your photos and words are glorious..Wow Sharon what a labour of Love.."

"It has reminded me of how alive I feel when I am outside with Mother Earth"
Diane Delves